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Sparklemuse was created to bring a little color and happiness to the world during such a difficult time. Christina and Jenny met through Instagram and instantly clicked. Through their Disney focused accounts they released several collaborations and styles people fell in love with. In an effort to expand and diversify, they branched out and came up with a collection that showcases their love of fashion, color, creativity and luxury.

Christina Jones is a Texas native and mom who loves Mickey Mouse, fine jewelry, fashion and styling. Her love of fine jewelry fueled the need for this collection to be wearable and last, no matter how much hand-sanitizer or hand washing you do. Christina loves coming up with ideas and working with Jenny to bring them to life. 


 Jenny spends her time between Arizona and Miami and loves all things tropical and sunshine. She has an edgier style and is an expert jewelry maker. Her attention to detail in everything from the pieces to the packages shows her true love for what she does. You can thank Jenny for the impeccable pieces and adorable packaging. 


Sparklemuse is a tale of two girls who instantly clicked and came up with something to add some happiness to your life. You'll see a blend of our personalities, and hopefully you will also feel our absolute joy of expressing our creativity through our pieces.

Smile, because you're our muse!

Christina & Jenny